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Yoga pants

The Big-Bottomed Bamboo Bag!


Bamboo Bag Price:

$70.00 + tax (Canadian Dollars)

Bamboo Bag Features:

  • 70% Viscose from Bamboo, 30% Cotton about bamboo fabric

  • sturdy Hemp/Cotton lining

  • wide adjustable shoulder strap

  • inside pocket for smaller items

  • "big-bottomed" for carrying everything and anything
    top opening: 11" or 28cm
    big-bottom: 17" or 43cm, height: 17" or 43cm

  • carries your yoga mat with its top peeping out - the double zipper sliders can be adjusted to secure the mat

  • bicycle-friendly

  • Made in small production runs in Canada, in a relaxed, benevolent environment.

Bamboo Bag Colours:

Additional Available Colours:


$45.00 + tax (Canadian Dollars)

From Dear Lil' Devas Big-Bottomed Bamboo Bag
Slouchy, stylish and holds everything you need (or just want) with you - even if you don't carry a yoga bag.

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