Burn away your barriers to love February 16, 2015 09:01

By Christa Bedwin

Many of us have thrown up some barriers to love, whether it’s receiving romantic love or just our ability to build and sustain friendships. How can we dissolve these?

If you’ve been practicing yoga for a long time, you’ve probably had this experience: you think about something that used to bother you very much, and you notice with some surprise that it simply doesn’t get under your skin any more. You’re fine with allowing that person, event, whatever, to carry on as it is, and you don’t take it personally.

Why is this?

Your yoga burns away barriers to the world from the inside.

Physically, troubles and unhappy events show up on your energy body as dark spots or a kind of armour around your chakras. This armour seems to protect you if you re-encounter similar kinds of bad situations or attacks. The memory of the previous bad event prepares you for the next one.

However, preparing for bad things and protecting ourselves from the unknown limits our ability to receive all the good that the world has to send us.

People can work through meditation to dissolve these barriers by polishing and expanding the bright burning shine of their own inner joy and by actively sending their own love powerfully and unconditionally to others.

But a yoga practice is a moving meditation. If you simply practice sun salutations every day, your heart, body, and mind will shine more and more from within. You won’t even need to turn your mind to your troubles. Just be one with your breath as you move through your poses.

My favourite yoga stories are about those people who start doing yoga sort of aggressively as a physical practice, and who accidentally discover spirituality as it wells up unbidden inside them. Yoga is magic. It will connect you with the divine inside yourself, and with an understanding that you are one with everything outside and around you.

Your energy, whether you call it prana or chi, amplifies when you do yoga. It makes you younger, happier and more open to love. Even if you don’t want to think about what has raised your barriers to love, you can do yoga and your energy will align, freshen, and clear.

You can also choose to practice generosity, love, acceptance and kindness.

As you put that good energy out, you will burn away your barriers and more love will flow to you.

Christa Bedwin is a yoga teacher and blogger who lives in Alberta with her son and two cats. Over the past 10 years she has pursued training in ancient philosophy, mantra singing and energy work. (contact Christa at: www.christabedwin.com)