Your Love Energy Fuel Station February 10, 2015 00:00

It’s the season of love, but where does love start, when we’re talking yoga love? Does it start with your teacher? Does it start with the music? In your head? With your friends?

Not really. It is great to love all those things, and feel the love in your studio, but we all know where the love has to be in yoga class – right there in the middle of you.

In yoga, we love and nurture ourselves, but that doesn’t make us selfish. Giving ourselves that hour or two on the mat fills us up. It’s like a love energy fuel station. And then you walk out into the world and radiate that love to everyone.

Love radiates to your family and friends, as you’re more patient than you are without your yoga practice. It’s easier to be gentle when you’ve been practicing love on your mat.

When you do enough yoga, you sometimes move beyond patient to genuinely accepting. Accepting of yourself, because you know you are doing your best for yourself. Accepting of others, because you start to realize that there’s no point in trying not to accept them. It’s just easier to accept, so you do. And what more loving action is there, than to accept?

Your love fuel gets spilled around on the street when you smile that peaceful, I’m-feelin-good yoga smile to yourself, and strangers catch you smiling and feel good themselves.

And when you set the intention, you can really amp it up and beam it at everybody, because you understand about the heart chakra and how good you’re feeling and how easy it is to shine that light energy out at others. Your mouth smiles, but your energy beams after a good yoga class.

So filling up with love fuel on your mat is not selfish. It’s just great for the world.

Try this next time you’re in class, or even right now, to really amp up your love beams:

Close your eyes and visualize a big ball of bright white light in your chest. Just let it sit there and feel good, pulsing.

You might notice it being warmer in certain spots or darker in other spots. That’s fine – that’s real. Just let the light pulse in your chest and shine into whatever corner it’s curious about.

When you’re ready, let the light grow gradually bigger, until it’s an egg shape all around you. Rest in there for a few minutes.

You’ve just cleaned your aura, and you’ll shine brighter all day. People will notice – try it!

Hint: If you’re not practiced with white light meditation yet, you might want to kick start it by beginning in a nice bright sunbeam.

Note: That simple little thing you just did is how energy workers start when they heal someone. Now you are ready to get up off your mat and go heal the world with your smile.

Christa Bedwin is a yoga teacher and blogger who lives in Alberta with her son and two cats. Over the past 10 years she has pursued training in ancient philosophy, mantra singing and energy work. (contact Christa at: