Light Weight Cotton Hot Weather Smock: With Pockets and Optional Belt



A Companion for the Original Light Weight Cotton Dream Pants - the same beautiful vibrantly coloured Indian Cotton that gets softer and softer with use and laundering. (Rosie here, I do tend to personify our clothes and am so happy that the Originals now have a companion ;-) Also the mix and match colour options are limitless!! 

We designed our new smock/tunic for those wonderfully hot days when all a person wants to wear around the house and outside in the garden is nothing. Not many of us have that luxury, so this is the next best thing to wear on top. (the best thing on the bottom is the original dream pants of course). Sort of like keeping your summer nightgown on all day - except it has pockets and a belt. 

Purely natural fibres are a necessity for keeping cool and this particular Indian Cotton is our signature fabric ("so light weight that you will feel like you're wearing nothing at all") - the Original Cotton Dream Pants have been made from it since we started Dear Lil' Devas, years ago. What I also like about our smock is that it is very airy and loose. It goes on over your head, so no fussy buttons or zippers and drapes beautifully over your body. Keep the tie (or "patti" - that's what they call the belt in India Vijanthy told me) in one of the pockets so that you can quickly put it on when you just have to run down the street, because...

have no doubt about it - without the patti drawing the fabric closer to your body, in certain glorious rays of sunlight, our smock will drape on your body in such a way that you will see what is being worn (or not) under it (please have a close look at the first image to your left). 

  • THE FABRIC Better than bare! Dear Lil' Devas' 100% Indian Cotton is so lightweight that you will feel like you are not wearing anything at all! This beautiful cotton gets softer and softer with use and washing.
  • WASHING INSTRUCTIONS The best is to first turn your smock inside out, then machine wash cold with like colours. Once it comes out of the washing machine, shake it out. Hang to dry - (takes only about an hour!)
  • THE BELT Made from the same fabric as your smock - you don't have to wear it (cooler temperature-wise without it) - but it is very nice to keep it handy in one of the pockets of your smock/tunic for when you need it. Amazing how a belt changes the look of a garment entirely!
  • THE HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Made in a relaxed, benevolent, non-factory environment in Canada by Dear Lil' Devas ~ Yoga Clothing and Accessories Infused with Good Vibes!

All sizes of the dresses are the same length, so the length on you is determined by your height. The model in the pictures is 5'8" or 173cm tall.

The length measurement from the bottom of the armhole to the bottom of the smock/tunic is 23.5" or 60cm.

Your bust measurement will determine the size that will be right for you:

BUST SIZE: Please use a measuring tape to measure around the biggest part of your bust.

Small Petite Bust Size: up to 34" or up to 86.5cm and with a petite shoulder width

Small Bust Size: up to 34" or up to 86.5cm

Medium Bust Size: 34 to 38" or 86.5cm to 96.5cm

Large Bust Size: 38" to 42" or 96.5cm to 107cm

XL Bust Size: 42" to 46" or 107cm to 117cm

Deepest Red
Darkest Espresso

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