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Linen Caftan Cap-Sleeved Dresses with Pockets



"Rosie's Linen Potato Sack Dress" comes in two sizes: O/S S-M (up to bust 39" or 99cm), and Small-Petite (up to bust size 34" or 87cm and if you are small across the shoulders). These are actual measurements with a measuring tape, not your bra-fitting size). For those who are close to the higher end of these measurements, the best thing to do is measure with the undergarment on that you will be likely to wear with the dress. 

Last July we were in the Canary Islands (Spanish, but geographically off the NW coast of Africa). The specific island we were on is called Fuerteventura. The Canary Islands are quite a tourist destination for Europeans and we were lucky to be off the beaten track. Many high-end clothing stores catering to the tourists and SO much linen available and so many people walking around in what could be called linen "Potato Sack" dresses stylistically, but because of the linen fabric and the way it falls and shimmers when a person moves, a tent dress doesn't even look like a tent even when on a tiny woman, and even though they were all available just in one single very large size! The air movement within a potato sack is seriously liberating!!!!

It was my birthday (46) while we were there, so I might have justified getting one of these over-the-top-expensive because of the Euro dresses. I decided to wait, knowing that here at home waiting for me were so many beautiful colours of better linen to choose from, and ready to be made to spec! Just itching to get back into my workshop I was!


  • a round neck (an inch lower front neckline than the linen tunics).
  • stitched-on rounded pockets are higher on the torso and closer together than usual for DLD stuff, this adds some definition to the boxy shape. 
  • capped sleeves. 
  • side seams that come down at a slight point so that the dresses look slightly longer at the sides of the bottom than in the middle of the bottom. 
  • falls between just below your knee and mid-calf, depending on your height and proportions.

And the final touch by "happy accident" - the option to have the dress with a bottom contrast in deep plum! So, you can choose a "solid colour" version or a "with deep plum contrasting bottom" version.

The deep plum is such an interesting match with our colours - except the lightest colours: pure white, sage, antique blue and smoky quartz which are not available with the contrast. Many people have said to me, oh I love that colour so much, but can't have it close to my face - this makes a perfectly positive solution, if you choose this option, when you look down, you'll see Deep Plum!

Pure White Linen no logo for Kundalini or Sivananda
Dark Shimmering Olive Linen
Damp Concrete Linen
Turquoise Linen
Deep Plum Linen
Dusty Rose Linen
Antique Blue Linen
Sage Linen
Smoky Quartz Linen
Burnt Orange Linen
Shanti Green Linen
Tarnished Copper Linen
Black Linen
Steel Blue Linen
Dark Cranberry Linen

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