Linen Hankerchiefs (Set of 4)



NEW LINEN COLOURS! In a time when reusable handkerchiefs were used, linen was the textile of choice. This must be because of its excellent absorbency.

Not too many people use handkerchiefs these days, what a pity, because they most certainly are not only useful for blowing one's nose! - Very handy (no pun intended) - or, just occurred to me, maybe that's where the word "handy" came from in the first place!

Carrying a small absorbent piece of fabric like this can serve you in many ways; from quickly cleaning up small spills, to wiping a child's (or your own) dirty face. A reason that I hadn't thought of is described by a happy customer here: "I love handkerchiefs because in the cold winter, walking my dogs, my eyes tear like crazy and I hate tissues with gloves because half the time I end up using the gloves by mistake." - ha!! Much healthier and better for the environment than disposable tissues.

Many of us have a nostalgia for hankies - my favorite uncle carried them always - and as children we used to love it when he pulled his hankie out of his pocket to tend to us.

These particular handkerchiefs are so beautiful that you could absolutely use them as table linen - linen napkins, and matching linen tea-towels could double as place mats.

  • THE FABRIC and WASHING INSTRUCTIONS 100% Linen: really, you can wash these however you would like: from just rinsing out at the end of day with a bit of soap, or a heavy-duty machine wash if really soiled. You can even put them in the dryer - but it's much easier (and they become less wrinkled) if you just remove from the wash and let air dry - will be dry before the dryer would even be halfway done. For heavily soiled hankies, soak in vinegar for about 5 minutes before washing.
  • THE DESIGN At Dear Lil' Devas we have this circa 1950's special machine that is absolutely invaluable to us - we use it for almost everything. This machine was originally developed for finishing handkerchiefs! We think it's very cool to be able to put it back to its original use!
  • THE HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Made in a relaxed, benevolent, non-factory environment in Canada by Dear Lil' Devas ~ Yoga Clothing and Accessories Infused with Good Vibes! For the linen handkerchiefs, because we are making them from the remnants of fabric that has already been cut - particular time and concentration is put into preparing the remnant fabric and cutting almost every piece individually. Making these handkerchiefs is definitely a labour of love for us at DLD.Handkerchiefs

    Measurements  approximately 30cm by 30cm or 11.5" by 11.5"


    Laundering Dear Lil' Devas recommends turning all garments inside out before washing. Machine wash cold and hang to dry.

    Ironing If you like a crisp pressed look -- go ahead! You can iron dry garments on the Cotton setting (hot) and use a little burst of steam. Keep your iron moving -- if not you might end up with shiny or scorched spots. We do not use spandex, lycra or polyester fibers so repeated ironing will not degrade the fabric. The only item that Dear Lil' Devas makes that cannot be ironed is the Eco-Fleece Warm..est! Pants

    Moonstone Linen
    Beautiful Brown Linen
    Tarnished Copper Linen
    Dark Cranberry Linen
    Burnt Orange Linen
    Shanti Green Linen
    Steel Blue Linen
    Black Linen
    Ruby Red Linen
    Deep Sapphire Linen
    Mauve Linen
    Pure White Linen
    Tan Floral Linen

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