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Lightest Cotton Wrap Skirts



Oh this skirt!! What a wonderful time we've had designing it. We're in beautiful, vibrant-colour heaven!! Wearing this skirt in the heat is pure BLISS; the way it hangs, the understated feminimity of it, how it gently rustles against your legs as you move.... utterly magical.

  • THE FABRIC Better than bare! The same fabric and all the same colours as Dear Lil' Devas Original Dream Pants. It is so lightweight that you will feel like you are not wearing a skirt at all. (and if you get caught in the rain - as we did when taking pics of these skirts, we can attest that they dry again within minutes!)
  • THE SHAPE This is no regular wrap skirt - it has a flare! Not only does it look and feel fantastic, but the flared shape creates maximum air flow around your legs to keep you cool in the beautiful summer weather. 
  • IT'S NOT GOING TO FLOP OPEN ON YOU Because there are 2 layers of the beautiful light-weight cotton here, and because they fully wrap around your body to your liking, these skirts do not flop open. We can attest that it's even possible to straddle your leg over the seat to mount your bike, and ride without any distractions from the skirt! 
  • AVAILABLE IN TWO LENGTHS "shorter" and "longer" 
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE WAIST We love this feature, because some days (especially in the heat) we feel a bit of a different size than others - and this skirt adapts to what is comfortable for you.
  • THE HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Made in a relaxed, benevolent, non-factory environment in Canada by Dear Lil' Devas ~ Yoga Clothing and Accessories Infused with Good Vibes!

The Wrap Feature allows the skirt to be adjustable from a 24" waist to a 44" waist.

Length - available in two lengths: (Shorter and Longer) and is meant to fall somewhere around your knee depending on your height and where you comfortably wear the skirt around your middle.

The Shorter Length Measures 52cm or 20.5" in length

The Longer Length Measures 62cm or 24.5" in length

Please keep in mind that the skirt is adjustable so that you may wear your skirt higher at your waist or lower on your hips - this will affect the final length of the skirt.

Instructional Video

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