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For almost 20 years, the made-from-scratch/good-vibes construction process for DLD garments and accessories has been by design the antithesis of "fast fashion". Presently up to 9 business days are needed to safely procure materials, and make and send your lovely orders, which are received with immense gratitude!

Blissfully Dark Bamboo Sleep Masks



Early in 2014 (this is Rosie, designer for Dear Lil' Devas speaking), I was contacted by our dear, dear old friends and customers who I'll call R. & R. (coincidentally very apt lol). Living in the city, they have to use sleep masks every night, but had been finding it difficult to find just the perfect one. My interest was awakened because I LOVE a challenge. R. & R. dropped off an assortment of sleep masks that they had used in the past for us to look at. Each had a fatal flaw - whether it was uncovered elastic at the back that wore out in a short time, no possibility to tighten the mask, or fabric on the inside that was just too lightly coloured to make it dark enough. Did we ever have fun developing a way of putting together our Dear Lil' Devas Blissfully Dark Sleep Masks that eliminated these problems!

We presented R. & R. with their new sleep masks to try, and waited with baited breath for the feedback - here is an excerpt from the email we received from them (I'd asked them to be "brutally honest")

"Hi Rosie. Well, you’ve quite surpassed all our expectations. We tried them last night, and both of us found them to be extremely comfortable. Just perfect. This is finally, finally, the perfect sleeping mask we’ve been looking for.
Some ‘brutal’ details:

  • wonderfully soft and comfortable; substantial enough to block all light; the bottom flap felt just great and helped to fill the gap around the cheeks and nose
  • the perfect size overall to completely block all light; wrapping over the temples felt very comfortable and warm; wrapping high on the forehead also offered needed comfort and stability
  • the mask didn’t slip, twist around, or slip off; it stayed pretty much centred and in place the whole night
  • the sewing was beautifully detailed and the whole product looks like the usual Dear Lil Devas product – true craftsmanship and loving attention to details
  • the band was the right tightness for both of us, with lots of room to tighten if the band loosens over time
  • it feels like the bamboo will be perfect for summer heat just as it was good and warm for our cool bedroom
  • the colours were perfect
  • Fabric and Washing Instructions We've used our beautiful soft Bamboo Fabric that will be against your skin (70% Viscose from Bamboo | 30% Organic Cotton). The inside layer - the purpose of which is for blocking the light and padding is 100% Recycled Polyester. Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry.
  • Durable Adjustable Backstrap One problem with sleep masks is that the elastic on the back wears out very quickly. Our backstrap doesn't contain elastic (just has the natural elasticity of the fabric) and is also adjustable.
  • Built-in Nose Flap The purpose of the nose flap is to use as needed to stop light that might come in between your cheek bones and your nose. (please see the diagram below)

  • Care Label is on the Outside of the Mask So that the label won't be scratchy, or in the way when you are sleeping, we've placed it on the outside of the mask. A Larger version of the above diagram can be found if you click the 4th thumbnail to your left, and click again on the magnifying glass :-)
  • Dark Blue Colour on the Inside of the Mask All the colours that are available come with dark blue (cobalt) on the inside part that rests against your face. This is so that the masks are dark and calming.

  •  THE HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Made in a relaxed, benevolent, non-factory environment in Canada by Dear Lil' Devas ~ Yoga Clothing and Accessories Infused with Good Vibes!


    Dear Lil' Devas Bamboo Fabric - knit into fabric and finished locally!!
    70% Viscose from Bamboo | 30% Organic Cotton

    Bamboo fabric is ideal for exercise wear. However, all bamboo fabric is not created equally. After much research Dear Lil' Devas found the bamboo fabric that meets our environmental, ethical and quality expectations. And guess where we found it? -- Being finished right here under our observant noses in Southern Ontario, Canada!

    • Environmental Impact
      Bamboo is a forestry product, so the natural eco-system stays in place. There is no need for pesticides, herbicides, tilling or replanting. Bamboo groves return a huge amount of oxygen back to the atmosphere in comparison with other types of forests.
    • Eco and Worker Friendly Our bamboo is grown solely in bamboo groves that have FSC Certification, and OCIA/NOP 
    • International Organic Standards Certification Our knit of 70% Viscose from Bamboo yarn and 30% Organic Cotton yarn has the European Oeko-Tex 100 certification and is produced meeting ISO 14001 standards. 
    • Bamboo Yarn The bamboo used in Dear Lil' Devas bamboo fabric has been pulped and spun into yarn using a clean, modern viscose process. The result of this process is a high modulus yarn - could be called the "Pima Cotton" of bamboo, offering excellent luster, softness and durability. 
    • Fabric Finishing Process Fabric is knit and dyed in Canada. 
    • Low Impact Dyed Our unique single jet-dying process has been developed to have the lowest environmental impact possible. The fabric is prepared for dye using hot water and a mechanical process only (scouring). The dying is done using small quantities of environmentally friendly dyes free of heavy metals, chlorine, solvents, optical brightening chemicals, or any other toxic chemicals. 
    • No Antibacterial Chemical Treatment Silver Nitrate is the main ingredient of the anti-microbial treatment that is very often applied to mass-produced athletic wear and shoes. It is not applied to DLD items. 
    • Dear Lil' Devas Non-Factory, Local Sewing Environment Because we do not mass-produce our items, we are blessed to be able to maintain a benevolent and interactive design and sewing environment. The local women who are a part of Dear Lil' Devas are relaxed and dedicated. By using beautiful materials that we consider to be a gift from nature, putting those materials into high-quality, timeless designs, and sewing them up in an unhurried, mindful atmosphere, we've got some really good vibes going on here. We believe that those good vibes translate into the final products, and in turn are transferred to you. Namaste. 

    Please contact rosie@dearlildevas.com if you have any questions about the information provided above. It has been compiled with the help of Dear Lil' Devas' suppliers, and we are happy to receive questions and comments from you.

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