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Clearance: Linen Tunics for Women - Sleeveless

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 Size Small on Clearance - not discontinued, just extra :-)

From June, 2018:
Rosie here, introducing our Sleeveless Pure Linen Tunics!!

The Linen Tunics are available in 5 sizes and 2 lengths. The cut is to allow for armhole coverage, yet... maximum airflow!

Really wished to be able show you just how the linen moves when you are wearing from head to toe. There is just no other fabric like it. We made a video - rather silly, but I think it must be included, if only to make you chuckle! (please see the "video" tab)

Please scroll through the pictures by clicking on the big picture window at the top. After you do that the photo will open up so that you can scroll through, and information about the garments shown and the models is written at the bottom of the pictures.

  • THE FABRIC 100% Linen: machine wash cold, hang to dry (the linen dries soooo fast)!
  • THE DESIGN The feedback of so so many people went into the design of these tunics and I would like to thank everyone. I am (yes it is Rosie) so pleased about how they turned out! We thought of every detail; ample armhole coverage, accessibility to the pockets on the Linen Town Pants, Culottes or Long Skirts because of the shape of the slit, and the beautiful backseam!
  • AVAILABLE IN TWO LENGTHS "shorter" and "longer" 
  • THE HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Made in a relaxed, benevolent, non-factory environment in Canada by Dear Lil' Devas ~ Yoga Clothing and Accessories Infused with Good Vibes!

Size Recommendations
We found, with the "millions" (not quite a million, but I think almost!) of people that we tried the tunics on, that the best way to determine the proper size was to ask, "what is your t-shirt size"?

If you could often go for say either a Small or a Medium in a t-shirt, go for the smaller in the tunic. This is because the natural flax fibres (linen) have some give.

The Tunics are designed so that the tightest (the only fitted) part of the shirt is directly under the armhole opening so that you have ample coverage for where often sleeveless shirts allow too much of your bra to show. One of our goals in designing these tops was to avoid this happening. Below that fitted part, the shirts become very roomy, enough so that the measurement of your bust doesn't play a roll.

Length Recommendations - available in two lengths: (Shorter and Longer).
All tunic sizes are the same lengths. The difference between the choices Shorter and Longer is 2.5" or 6.5cm

for People up to 5'5" or 165cm we recommend the Shorter Length

for People 5'8" or 183cm and over we recommend the Longer Length

for People between 5'5" and 5'8" - either will be nice :-) The person in the first two pictures is Rosie (that's me). I am 5'5.5" or 166cm, the Pure White Tunic is the longer length, and the Deep Plum Tunic is the shorter length. In the video I am wearing a size Small, Shorter, Deep Plum Tunic.


The colours don't look that shiny in real life, but the linen just scoots around on one's body - it barely touches!


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