Instant Elegance Relaxed T-Shirts for Women



These t-shirts were designed with "comfortable, cool, simple elegance" in mind. A tee to just throw on over anything (we especially recommend over our Dream Pants or Long Cotton Skirts of course) for an instant, put-together look. For every situation - from an afternoon garden party (oh yes, there will be lots of those this summer :-) to a walk along the beach, to a quick cover-up after yoga class.

Instant Elegance T-Shirts are available in a variety of fabrics. At first we were just going to make them solely from 100% cotton jersey, but we realized how beautiful they were out of Dear Lil' Devas classic bamboo jersey, and could not resist including the bamboo in the line-up.

While Supplies Last

  • THE FABRIC A range of fabric choices. 100% Cotton Light Weight Jersey for the Lily colour, 100% Cotton Medium Weight Jersey for the "Marin" (navy). The colours: Coral, Ash, Royal Blue, Ivory and Kelly Green are Dear Lil' Devas classic 70% Viscose from Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton fabric that we use for our Bamboo Dream Pants, and regular T-Shirts and Tank Tops. 
  • THE DESIGN Breezy, drapey, cool and comfy. AND... as you've probably already gleaned, these tees are very elegant :-) 
  • DEAR LIL' DEVAS SIGNATURE CONTRASTING STITCHING Besides the beautiful shape, this is what makes these tees elegant - the lovely stitching detail.
  • EASE OF CARE Machine wash cold, hang to dry.
  • THE HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Made in a relaxed, benevolent, non-factory environment in Canada by Dear Lil' Devas ~ Yoga Clothing and Accessories Infused with Good Vibes!

LILY pure cotton light weight jersey
CORAL classic Dear Lil Devas bamboo jersey
WHITE classic Dear Lil Devas bamboo jersey

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