Welcome! This is Rosie, designer and sole maker for Dear Lil' Devas learn more.
For almost 20 years, the made-from-scratch/good-vibes construction process for DLD garments and accessories has been by design the antithesis of "fast fashion". Presently up to 9 business days are needed to safely procure materials, and make and send your lovely orders, which are received with immense gratitude!

Linen Cloth Masks - made with our beautiful linen scraps



This is Rosie. I'm overjoyed! Our local mask-maker Karina (she's in the picture, wearing a large mask), has happily agreed to use our Quilter's Cotton and Linen fabric scraps to construct our masks for us!

So many of you have asked me for cloth masks made from our beautiful colours, and I love to see our colourful fabric scraps put to good use! They are perfect for non-medical masks, having been already prewashed and preshrunk in preparation for making the pants. 

Choose your linen outer mask colour and choose your cotton mask lining colour (yes they can be reversible)!

In October, Karina gave me one of her masks, (it's a Minnie and Mickey Cotton Print, lol). It is astonishing how the shape of the mask makes it so easy to put on with the adjustable elastic ear straps and no metal nose-bridge. Because I just need my mask when I go into stores or to an appointment this is my go-to mask because it goes on so easily and washes up beautifully.

Karina received the pattern from her loved ones in Europe at the beginning of the pandemic.

Click here to see the Quilter's Cotton Masks.

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