Pure White Cotton Classic Track Pants for Women - Limited Edition



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Limited Edition. This beautiful 100% cotton fleece in white is very hard to come by. We have a limited amount currently at Dear Lil' Devas, and are so happy to be able to use it to make these classic track pants.

Pure White Cotton Classic Track Pants. No logo label. Also, the pockets and elastic pantleg cuffs are optional. We hope that you will enjoy these! Kundalini, Sivananda or any practice where pure white is important.

Classic track pants! Remember those beautiful thick "jogging pants" from the 80's? Many of us still have a pair that are on their last legs. Yes, we date ourselves with this admission.

DLD changes to the "Jogging Pants" from the 80's:

The waistband elastic
is in a simple casing - not stitched all over it. This is so that should the elastic wear out, it can be easily changed - by anybody with a sewing machine, just in case DLD retires before these pants have worn out ;-)

The inside drawstring is the very same as the thin, strong drawstring on our Dream Pants, because... that is another thing about those lovely pants from the 80's, often the drawstring wears out before the pants do.  And, because of a special trick, the drawstring cinches beautifully, but it cannot be pulled through - no way, no how!

The pockets are a definite DLD recognition point (although we have not put a logo label on these classic track pants). The pockets are stitched on on the front so that the track pants don't bulge at the sides. *Optional for Pure White Classic Track Pants - select "yes" or "no" to pockets on the ordering drop-down menu :-)

Your choice of elastic cuffs at the bottom of the pantlegs or not. We recommend with elastic - it is not very tight, just enough to keep your body heat from escaping.

The sizing choices with these pants is extensive. 3 waistband sizes to choose from and 4 lengths - we've added measurements under the "sizing" tab, or you will also see them in the last 3 pictures of the photo gallery. The sizing is pretty intuitive, but you can also take out your measuring tape, just to be sure. 

    • THE FABRIC 100% cotton fleece, 16ounce. This is a beautiful, thick fleece, very very soft on the inside. 

    • THE HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Made in a relaxed, benevolent, non-factory environment in Canada by Dear Lil' Devas ~ Yoga Clothing and Accessories Infused with Good Vibes!

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