Thicker Linen Dream Pants: Loose-Fitting Yoga Pants for Women



Here is what our happy customer wrote when she sent us the picture of the Midnight Blue Pants taken at the Athabasca Ice Field in The Rockies on Hwy 93 in Alberta. "I can't stop going on about the pants.... I've worn them now for 16 days, washed them only once. I am sure they are filthy (I've rolled in them on the ground, had a wet dirty dog in my lap, hiked trails, sat by waterfalls watching pelicans, sat for long hours in a car, battled enormous mosquitos, saw fantastic vistas - all wearing your pants, so comfy. Cool when it's hot, warm when it's cold, roomy for hiking and sitting comfortably. Roll them up and you have shorts, tuck them up into your socks to keep the Mosquitos from going up your pants..... And they have pockets!"

The Thicker Linen Dream Pants feature beautifully detailed side pockets, and a cuff at the bottom of each available length.

The Thicker Linen Dream Pants are a sort of investment (and not only $-wise): they start out stiff, but with use and laundering they soften so beautifully, and of course, this takes time. They are especially good for the great outdoors in situations where the weather is hot, but your legs really need to be protected.

  • THE FABRIC 100% Linen: machine wash cold, hang to dry.
  • THE DESIGN These pants were engineered specifically for the range of movement in yoga; the non-constricting, time-honoured style allows you to move freely through the most dynamic asanas.
  • THE HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Made in a relaxed, benevolent, non-factory environment in Canada by Dear Lil' Devas ~ Yoga Clothing and Accessories Infused with Good Vibes!
  • THE TRADEMARK BOTTOM Allows the pants to stretch with you, without riding up or down.
  • THE PREMIUM "Vijanthy" SEAMS - very strong and finished on the outside of the pants to be chafe-free and smooth against your skin. (These seams are to Dear Lil' Devas a source of proprietary pride)
  • KNOT JUST ANY OLD DRAWSTRING Why? - because it does up securely, AND comes undone easily - even when wet after the most intense workout.
  • POCKETS - Dear Lil' Devas loves pockets - but, not all pockets are created equally. We are all too familiar with pockets that are either not deep enough, or the opening is too big, and things fall out them. Not with these side pockets!
  • LARGE HEM (9cm/3.5") at the bottom of the pantlegs - a beautiful added feature, on each of the available lengths (here at DLD, we call this hem a "Cuff").
Pale Plum
Dark Copper

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