Thirsty Woven 100% Cotton Tea-Towels


Thirsty Tea Towels!!

Tea-towels - (Rosie here) I just have a predilection for finding the best fabric for them, ha! This fabric is positively thirsty and absorbs really an amazing amount of water!!! Great under our espresso machine (sorry for the strange picture), but the steam nozzle leaks from time to time, and the fabric absorbs it so fully so that it doesn't ruin the wood underneath (I know, I should just fix the leak - ha!) But, it also looks very nice at the same time. *Update - have had the leak fixed, but am keeping the towel underneath the machine anyhow :-)

Available in two variations:

Either a set of 2 Jumbos measuring 20" by 30" or 51cm by 76cm
or a set of 3 Big Squares measuring 20" x 20" or 51cm by 51cm




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