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DREAM PANTS with Pockets - WARM Textured Thick Specialty Knit Fabric Fleecy Inside

$65.00 $100.00


 October, 2018. Available on Clearance here are Length 1 (up to 5'6") in the Matcha (green) colour.

From November, 2017:
These beautiful Dream Pants are similar in weight to "Rosie's Holiday Pants" if you remember? - I think they were in 2015. Not as bulky as those pants were, but just as warm, and with a 2" hem on the bottom. Also, we've added a little detail to the pocket opening, making it curved rather than straight so that you can get your hands in, even more easily!

While supplies last.

  • THE FABRIC This beautiful 80% Cotton | 20% Polyester has a pattern (texture) on the outside that causes it to look like wool from a distance. Up close, it is soft to touch. Being a knit fabric, it is stretchy - perfect for bundling yourself up elegantly this winter!
  • GARMENT CARE: Machine wash cold, hang or lay flat to dry, do not iron.
  • LOVELY SIDE POCKETS Curved opening for these pockets - very easily accessible!! As you know, we love pockets - but, not all pockets are created equally. We are all too familiar with pockets that are either not deep enough, or the opening is too big, and things fall out them. We've made sure that is not the case with our pockets!
  • KNOT JUST ANY OLD DRAWSTRING Why? - because it does up securely, AND comes undone easily.
  • THE HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Made in a relaxed, benevolent, non-factory environment in Canada by Dear Lil' Devas ~ Yoga Clothing and Accessories Infused with Good Vibes!

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