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LONG SKIRTS with Pockets - WARM Textured Thick Specialty Knit Fabric Fleecy Inside

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 October, 2018. Available on Clearance here is the Matcha (green) colour in the LongER Length (for people between 5'6" or 168cm and 6' or 183cm), fits people with hips up to and including 40" or 102cm. 

From November, 2017:
Be bundled up this winter in absolute elegant luxury! For several years, people have been asking Dear Lil' Devas for a long fleece skirt. Fleece, though, wasn't exactly the right fabric for a long skirt. This specialty knit however, is the PERFECT fabric for a winter skirt!

While supplies last.

  • THE DESIGN The cut and length inspired by Indian "Petticoats", but with added side pockets.
  • THE FABRIC This beautiful 80% Cotton | 20% Polyester has a pattern (texture) on the outside that causes it to look like wool from a distance. Up close, it is soft to touch. Being a knit fabric, it is stretchy - perfect for bundling yourself up elegantly this winter!
  • GARMENT CARE: Machine wash cold, hang or lay flat to dry, do not iron.
  • LOVELY SIDE POCKETS Curved opening for these pockets - very easily accessible!! We love pockets - but, not all pockets are created equally. We are all too familiar with pockets that are either not deep enough, or the opening is too big, and things fall out them. We've made sure that is not the case with our pockets!
  • THE HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Made in a relaxed, benevolent, non-factory environment in Canada by Dear Lil' Devas ~ Yoga Clothing and Accessories Infused with Good Vibes!

ADJUSTABLE WAIST The adjustable waist causes the length to be adjustable too - you can wear your skirt wherever it feels comfortable; around your waist, at your hips, or anywhere inbetween ;-)

HIP SIZE To put your skirt on, you will step into it, so it is important that the opening at the top is large enough to go over your hips. The S/M/L size fits people with hips up to and including 40" or 102cm. The XL size is for people with hips over 40" or 102cm to 48" or 122cm.

*the most accurate way to be sure of your length is to put a measuring tape at the point on you hip where you will wear the skirt and measure down, to the point where you prefer the skirt to end. The length measurements of the skirts are listed below:

  • Shorter Length: measures 35" or 89cm in length (recommended for people up to 5'6" or 168cm)
  • Longer Length: measures 38.5" or 98cm in length (recommended for people between 5'6" or 168cm and 6' or 183cm)
  • Longest Length: measures 42" or 107cm in length (recommended for people 6' or 183cm and up)

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