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Yoga Towels made from a special "bumpy" weave of thick 100% cotton yarn. The weave causes this yoga towel to have a "grip factor", something very unusual in a cloth towel! The fabric is also super absorbent, perfect if you perspire during your practice.

Cotton fibres are great for all types of yoga, including hot yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga, providing a hygienic surface for your yoga mat. The textured weave means this yoga towel provides comfort for all of your poses without bunching up. It features a hanging loop on the side to keep the towel handy. Ties at the end of the towel secure it rolled up beautifully for travel.

These yoga towels are the natural option for anyone who wants to avoid common synthetic materials, or the towel lint that comes with using a normal towel.

Yoga Towel Story

This is Rosie here, designer for Dear Lil' Devas. Over the last decade, I have been searching for a natural fabric that could be used to cover a rubber yoga mat for situations when the rubber against one's skin is not necessary or desirable, but still, just a bit of grip would be nice.

Happily - after all this time, we've got it - found the fabric that I knew must exist. And, now it seems quite obvious of course, ha.

Here is the story:
My son forgot his used martial arts gi in his bag for several days and he needed help laundering it as the bacteria had certainly grown enough to provide a "questionable odour". He needed help addressing this. We didn't want to use chlorine bleach because it degrades the fabric not to mention the environment and washing super hot would for certain shrink the gi.

We decided to soak in vinegar for a couple of hours and then wash lukewarm. By the way, that is a miraculous solution for taking out that mildewy smell that gets on towels that don't dry fast enough, or kitchen clothes that eventually start to smell. When we soaked the jacket part, we were astounded at how quickly and how completely the vinegar and water were absorbed by the fabric. 

After we had cleaned the gi, we noticed a small hole at the top of the jacket, and I was thinking about what would be the best way to patch the hole and took note of the bumpy interesting texture of the fabric that the jacket was made of. And that was the lightbulb moment that has been more than ten years coming - Judogi Fabric, YES!!!

  • The Bumpy Texture: place the towel on top of your yoga mat and still have a bit of traction.
  • Highly Absorbent: it takes a lot of perspiration to soak through this towel! 
  • Hanging loop along the side: see the diagram below or the 3rd image - this is so that you can easily hang your towel on a hook in between uses.
  • Ties at the end of the towel: see the diagram below - these allow you to roll it up and tie it to keep it rolled. It also looks very nice that way (see the 1st image). Additionally could be used as an extra loop if you ever would like to hang it vertically.

      • Dear Lil' Devas High-Quality Construction:  made in a relaxed, benevolent, non-factory environment in Canada by Dear Lil' Devas ~ Yoga Clothing and Accessories Infused with Good Vibes!
Care and Specs

Machine wash warm, lukewarm or cold (not hot). Add vinegar to the wash if your yoga towel is heavily soiled. Hang or Tumble dry normally - about 1/2 hr in the dryer is sufficient.

As it is 100% Cotton, your yoga towel will shrink the first time that you tumble dry it. We have made it longer to account for the shrinkage.

After the first tumble dry your yoga towel will measure very close to 24" by 68" or 61cm by 173cm. If you are interested in a longer yoga towel, please contact

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