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100% Dream Pants - Yoga Pants made from lightweight Indian cotton.
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A message from Rosie of Dear Lil' Devas
Yoga Bloomers - Engineered specifically for the range of movement in yoga; a time-honoured style that allows you to move freely through the most dynamic asanas Dear Lil' Devas' 100% Dream Pants - So lightweight that you will feel like you are not wearing pants at all Big-Bottomed - you will chuckle as you wear this bag - versatile and bottomless Blissful Deep Sleep made from bamboo, sleep mask Warm-up warmest pants, recycled fleece Bamboo Infinity Scarves -  soft against your skin, and a highlight accessory too Women's Thicker Dream Pants - Loose-fitting, Natural-fibre yoga pants

Loose Fitting Yoga Pants

Loose Fitting Lightweight Traditional Yoga Pants

Yoga pants that are as laid-back as you are! Loose fitting, comfortable and beautifully colourful. Lightweight 100% Indian Cotton Yoga Pants - a traditional style reminiscent of ancient yogic tradition. The cotton naturally wicks away moisture from your body, allowing your body to breathe!
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Versatile Womens Bamboo Dresses

Versatile Womens Bamboo Dresses

A dress with pockets that drapes your body in comfort. Designed from Dear Lil' Devas' luxurious spandex-free knit fabric, a versatile dress to be worn for every occasion because the fabric adapts to your individual shape. Amazing!
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Core Warmers or Haramaki

Core Warmers or Haramaki

A cylindrical tube of fabric, wear around your core, as a scarf, a tube top, or a mini skirt. The advice of Grandmothers all over the world: "Keep your kidneys warm dear!" Over, under, layers, flexible, functional and fashionable. For women and men
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Warm-up Pants

Warm..est! Warm-up Pants

These 100% recycled polyester fleece warm-up pants are for year-round use. Perfect for after an evening swim or around the campfire - a luxurious sweater for your legs!
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Our customers often ask our advice when they travel - usually to India. They want to know what they should bring on thier trip to stay comfortable. If you find yourself heading for warmer climates, we have the gear to make life very comfortable! Check out these four must-have items for your travels in Rosie's recommendations for your trip.

Yoga Headwear

Dear Lil's Devas Yoga Headwear is made from a beautiful soft knit bamboo fabric that has been prepared in a special, eco-friendly way - right here in Canada! Our Braided Bamboo Headband has the perfect natural stretch, without a stitch of lycra! Our
"Eco-dannas" Bamboo Bandanna can be used for all sports, the fabric has wonderful moisture-wicking properties.


It is very well possible that your Dear Lil' Devas order will arrive in a turned-inside-out cereal box. The children...
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Handmade in Canada

With minimal waste and no overproduction Dear Lil' Devas has a very small eco-footprint.
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