Gearing up for the holidays. It's Rosie here, and although I sometimes still wish for a magic wand, things are moving along very nicely in my workshop now. All items are "made from scratch", and I like to give myself at least 5 business days to comfortably and happily make them up; that's how the good vibes get into DLD garments and accessories :-). I think you probably already feel it, but I want to make sure that you know that your orders are received with immense gratitude.

Woolen Capes



The Woolen Capes very nicely block the wind! The elegant collar stands away from your neck so that it doesn't come into contact with your skin. Can be used as an extra finishing layer over any jacket or sweater. Also gorgeous combined with a big scarf. (that is our dear customer Lydia next to the wreath, the picture was taken on Christmas Day, 2015)

Woolen Capes Features 
  • Houndstooth Pattern, and Solid Charcoal 100% Pure Virgin Wool This classic fabric is very warm and a natural wind-breaker.

  • Collar Stands Away From Your Neck Because this is pure virgin wool, you will wear something underneath. The collar of the cape is wide enough that it can easily be worn over top of anything, even a thick jacket with a hood or a scarf so that the wool will not come into contact with your bare neck.

  • Inside Hanging Loop We have placed this loop on the inside of the Cape so that you can easily hang it up. Because you will be wearing something under the Cape, the hanging loop will not be scratchy against your skin (a very important point here at DLD as you must have gleaned by now. ;-)

  • Laundering Machine wash cold, hang to dry.

  • The High Quality Construction Made in a relaxed, benevolent, non-factory environment in Canada by Dear Lil' Devas ~ Yoga Clothing and Accessories Infused with Good Vibes!
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