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About Us

Dear Lil' Devas - Clothing and Accessories Infused with Good Vibes

Rosie's Message:
As a small company here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we are blessed to be able to maintain a benevolent and interactive design and sewing environment. Because we work on our items in an unhurried, mindful atmosphere, where laughter is much more important than speed, a lot of good vibes are generated. Those good vibes infuse the final products, and ultimately transfer to you. 

Covid Update - as of October, 2020, Dear Lil' Devas is operating from a small town in Eastern Ontario called Madoc :-). Rosie's location has changed, but the principles of Dear Lil' Devas remain the same. learn more


Rosie Connor

Hello, I'm Rosie Connor. My intention is for Dear Lil' Devas to spread as much joy as possible (good vibes) through the use of beautiful fabrics, and lovely COMFORTABLE clothing. Before I was self-employed, my design work took me to some wonderful places where clothing is made, and those are the places that I fashion our sewing process on. I also remember many very horrible factories, both domestically and offshore. Because of my past experience, I feel a responsibilty to keep my designs "close to me". Dear Lil' Devas' "good vibes" rely on our happy, hands-on environment and we remain a small company by design.

You will "hear" my voice throughout this site, as I do all the updates - if you have any questions, I urge you to contact me - if only to say, "Rosie, I can't figure out what that colour is!!" Your input is very much appreciated.


Vijanthy Arunasalam 

"Leave it to yoga mommy designer 
Rosie Connor to create 
the ultimate yoga pant. 
Here's the best part without a stitch of Lycra! 
Dear Lil' Devas' loose-fitting and breathable, 
100 per cent "dream pants" are the coolest thing to hit Toronto's namaste set. Try a pair. You'll never stretch in stretch again." 
Toronto NOW Magazine 


After FOURTEEN wonderful years at Dear Lil' Devas, Vijanthy has moved on. She was an integral partner with Rosie, and her expertise is still at work here. Vijanthy's immense skill and knowledge lives on with each garment and procedure. Thank you Vijanthy, you are honoured and revered.



Kelly Payne

Kelly's insight into how things should look and work to make for an easy and enjoyable browsing experience is of the utmost importance to us. We rely on Kelly for her consistently well thought-out ideas and implementation plans.


Paula Tookey

Paula is the person who asked Rosie for loose-fitting yoga pants in the first place! Paula continues to be a grounding and inspiring influence, extending to the decisions we make for Dear Lil' Devas.


Loraine Santos

A lifetime student of Mindfulness Meditation, Loraine's perspective is integral to the day-to-day workings of Dear Lil' Devas. 


Local Mom Fills Niche With Loose-fitting Yoga Pants

November 2004 Press Release

Despite being home after a new baby, Toronto-area designer Rosie Connor could not resist the challenge of trying to make what her friend and Thai Yoga Massage Instructor Paula called "dream pants". Having come from Europe and having practised yoga there, Paula longed for loose-fitting, breathable yet non-constricting yoga pants. After a year of perfecting and finding the special 100% cotton, the word began to spread. These were the type of pants the yoga industry has been waiting for - pants that let your body breathe!

The traditional style yoga pants come in two different styles and five colours. A distinctive unisex pant that is versatile, contouring and has a trademark bottom which allows your body to move without any constrictions. The cotton is quick drying and the pants can become very compact, conducive to the fast-paced lives that people live today. "It started with just perfecting the one pair for my friend, then her husband, and has mushroomed from there", said Connor who will be presenting two new lines including children's and maternity in an array of colours at the Yoga Show November 19th to 21st at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Connor's previous work included a line of home spa products featured in Bloomingdales in the U.S., and a line of children's clothing that was available at Mountain Equipment Co-op, Kiddie Cobbler Stores, and independent boutiques throughout Canada.

Yoga enthusiast Karen Bourdos has joined Rosie in her quest to get the word out about these unique pants. This spring they went on sale in Toronto at the Yoga Sanctuary and yoga studios throughout the GTA. Dear Lil' Devas took part in the Yoga Show this year at the Metro Toronto Covention Centre and received an overwhelming appreciation for our pants from the people that attended. Serious yogis and yoginis were returning for their second and third pair. We are looking forward to introducing some beautiful colours for spring/summer.