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Travelling - Ashram and/or Vacation Bound?

Travel Planning with Dear Lil' Devas

We often hear from our customers when they are planning a trip - usually to India.

Below are the four items that we make here at Dear Lil' Devas that when pressed for just four, we would recommend most heartily for you to take along with you on your travels.
There are some honourable mentions under the last picture. Namaste and happy travels!

100% Cotton Yoga Pants

In hot climates these loose-fitting, light-weight pants will save your life!

To cover you from the sun and/or blowing sand. 

Tip - keep them in your purse or bag (they roll up to be as small as a travel mug) and take out when visiting an official religious site if you need to cover your legs.

The 100% cotton is easy to care for, air-dry in less than an hour.

And....the ultimate yoga pants; you will feel as though you are not wearing pants at all!

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If you prefer pants that are cinched at the ankles, see: Women's Yoga Bloomers

In India, feeling like you are not wearing pants at all (like with the Original Light Weight Cotton Dream Pants) may not be an advantage depending on where you are. The majority of our customers prefer these Thicker Dream Pants for India. 

They are still loose-fitting and have the same advantage that the 100% cotton wicks away moisture and allows your body to breathe! Also, as you may have noticed, they come in pure white (along with about 14 other beautiful colours to choose from)!

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Nothing beats the elegance and versatility of long skirt in hot weather. The cut and length of these skirts was inspired by Indian "Petticoats", but with added side pockets.

Available in many beautiful colours, and also Pure White.

Women's Long Skirts

Yes, we DO take these south with us. Even where it's warm, the nights can be cool, or even cold. (or heaven forbid, uncontrollably air-conditioned ;-) These fleece pants go quickly overtop of any yoga pants, or even jeans. Instant, LOVELY warmth.

100% Recycled Polyester Microfleece, which means; a lot of used plastic bottles went into the making of these pants! Traditionally here at Dear Lil' Devas, we use purely cellulose fibres for our garments - because of their breathability. However, polyester fleece is a beautifully warm, soft fabric, and now that we can get it made from fully recycled materials we just couldn't resist using it to make our Warm...est! Pants.

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Oh - and don't forget your sleep mask!!!! Bamboo Sleep Masks

We'd love to hear from you - if you have travel stories that you'd like to share, or if there's something you'd really like to have with you on your travels, but can't find it, please let us know (maybe we can make it)! or facebook