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Double! Original Cotton Dream Pants (Two-Ply): Loose-Fitting Yoga Pants or Yoga Bloomers for Women - Rosie's List

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Rosie here, I'm so excited about these Double Originals!! In fact, I can't believe that in all of our years making the Originals, we didn't once think of doubling the fabric in order to make them thicker and more opaque!

The doubling happened thanks to Milan, who asked me to try out making them for her in steel blue. I really and truly did not think they would work and was so surprised and amazed at how wonderfully they turned out and also just so pleased to have a pair myself! And these can be made with pockets!

So deliciously soft (and more and more so with use and laundering), and the two layers cause the colours to be even more vibrant!!!

  • THE FABRIC Two Layers of Dear Lil' Devas' 100% Indian Cotton! The natural fibres wick away moisture and allow  your body to breathe  and release its toxins. This beautiful cotton gets softer and softer with use and washing.
  • THE DESIGN  Engineered specifically for the range of movement in yoga; the non-constricting, time-honoured style allows you to move freely through the most dynamic asanas.
  • PREMIUM "Vijanthy" SEAMS Finished on the outside of the pants to be chafe-free and smooth against your skin. (These seams are to Dear Lil' Devas a source of proprietary pride - our former Production Manager, Vijanthy, spent many hours sewing these special seams, and teaching the rest of us to sew them too!)
  • THE TRADEMARK BOTTOM Allows the pants to stretch with you, without riding up or down.
  • KNOT JUST ANY OLD DRAWSTRING Why? - because it does up securely, AND comes undone easily - even when wet after the most intense workout.
  • THE HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION  Made in a relaxed, benevolent, non-factory environment in Canada by Dear Lil' Devas ~ Yoga Clothing and Accessories Infused with Good Vibes.
  • THE ORIGINAL DREAM PANTS STORY  Read about how Dear Lil' Devas came to be. The Original Dream Pants Story, is our story. 
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Dusky Amethyst
Deep Jade
Sattvic Orange
Deepest Red
Steel Blue

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Your clothes are alive to me and I love how my body feels in them. It means everything to have a fabric skin that mirrors my own: naturally sourced, lovingly crafted, breathable, durable, designed for movement -- and in an array of glorious colours to inspire and express my mood. Thank you, thank you for who you are and what you do.

I am joyously returning for more of your wonderful DLD clothing! In my quest to simplify my choices, reduce my footprint and celebrate my middle-aged zen I am delighted to partner with you , Rosie and the DLD team! Thank you for being my go-to as I integrate the values of real comfort, and hand-made clothing into my wardrobe choices. Your designs are beautiful and the clothes are so mindfully made. The fabrics, especially the linens (my fav!), have blown me away. And of course, I could live in the bamboo dream pants forever!! I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of your beautiful offerings and the whole-hearted nature of DLD's customer service, which is utterly exceptional :) Thank you all - for all you do!!!

Fanstastic Customer Service!!! I am extremely happy that I found Dear Lil' Devas, the customer service that I received since I bought my sleep mask is incredible, one of the best I have ever had. Thank you for providing a good quality product, thank you for the great customer service, and thank you for not producing the mask in a different country :)

I recently spent a month in India and I am very grateful for having brought 2 pairs of Dream Pants with me. Not only are they super comfortable (which is very important if your flight ends up taking 20 hours!) , but they are extremely light in weight and take up very little space. Additionally, they wash easily and dry overnight. I highly recommend them for any type of travelling, especially in hot climates because they not only covered me from the sun but were very breathable. Thanks Dear Lil' Devas for helping to make my trip so enjoyable! Cheers!

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Rosie here, I'm so excited about these Double Originals!! In fact, I can't believe that in all of our years making the Originals, we didn't once think of doubling the fabric in order...