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Mid-March, 2020: Dear Lil' Devas has made some huge changes. Because of the very real necessity for physical distancing in keeping those that we love safe (that is people we know, AND people we don't know), we are now staying home. I (Rosie) was able to bring materials to my home studio and as of Wednesday, March 18th, I alone am continuing to make orders that come in. Thank you btw, in this uncertain time, as a very small business, your orders are received with IMMENSE GRATITUDE, whether to be sent when ready with contactless pick up and drop off (thanks to our heroic mail carriers!), whether you are our neighbour and able to pick up from Rosie's front porch, or whether to put on the shelf for you, ready, until we collectively emerge.

Hemp Long Sleeved Thick Jersey Knit Shirts for Women



Heaven Sent!

Rosie here, it has been a long while since we've been inspired to offer you something made by another company on dearlildevas.

The company that makes these wonderful shirts has been in my life for almost two decades as trusted suppliers and friends.

The style is fantastic - what a gorgeous cut and drape.

The length is very long and even longer in the back; as though they were designed just to go with our dream pants!

A very special thick jersey knit of 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton, and oh, did I mention the colours??!! 

  • THE FABRIC 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton Thick Jersey Knit. This is a very special fabric, I haven't ever seen it in mainstream stores, has a similar feel to a linen knit, but stronger, more durable and softer.
  • THE DESIGN  A beautiful long shirt - almost a tunic length. Longer in the back than the front.
  • CARE Machine wash cold, hang to dry.
  • THE HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Made in Canada by a company that has long been in Dear Lil' Devas supplier circle.
Sizing Guide 

I personally should wear the Medium size (the black shirt in the pictures), but I love to wear them larger than that; the dark moss coloured shirt is a large and the XL aubergine at the lake (purple has been great fun for me this year!). 

Keep in mind that these are ACTUAL measurements of the shirts. They do stretch, and the stretch looks good in some spots (like at the chest), but they shouldn't be tight around your waist. 

The best way to tell your size is to measure a long-sleeved tee that fits you well in order to compare with the measurements below.

Dark Moss Thick Hemp Jersey
Steel Blue Thick Hemp Jersey
Medium Grey Thick Hemp Jersey
Stormy Teal Thick Hemp Jersey
Black Thick Hemp Jersey
Celery Thick Hemp Jersey
Lilac Thick Hemp Jersey
Aubergine Thick Hemp Jersey
Natural Thick Hemp Jersey

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