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Linen Culottes



 Culottes!! The wide-legged culotte style shows off the linen gloriously; there you will go, swoosh, swoosh, swooshing down the street. This is VERY FUN, let me tell you (Rosie here of course).

I am in the pictures wearing the Regular Cut, Burnt Orange Culottes. I comfortably wear my culottes very low on my hips, but they could easily be pulled up higher as the crotch is still roomy. 

Please scroll through the pictures by clicking on the big picture window at the top. After you do that the photo will open up so that you can scroll through, and information about the garments shown and the models is written at the bottom of the pictures.

  • THE FABRIC 100% Linen: machine wash cold, hang to dry (the linen dries soooo fast!)
  • THE DESIGN The Culottes were engineered specifically for comfort in everyday wear. They are intended to be loose-fitting.
  • THE WAISTBAND There is a short length of elastic inserted at the top of the backrise. This elastic, paired with the drawstring closure provides the culottes with more stability than just simple drawstring closure. It also allows you to do up the pants once, and then pull them off again without undoing the drawstring.
  • KNOT JUST ANY OLD DRAWSTRING Why? - because it does up securely, AND comes undone easily.
  • POCKETS! We love pockets - but, not all pockets are created equally. We are all too familiar with pockets that are either not deep enough, or the opening is too big, and things fall out of them. We've made sure that is not the case with our pockets!
  • THE HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Made in a relaxed, benevolent, non-factory environment in Canada by Dear Lil' Devas ~ Yoga Clothing and Accessories Infused with Good Vibes!

Hip/Waist Size = Your Preferred Cut
Because the culottes cinch with a drawstring, depending on your hip measurement, your "Preferred Cut" is a choice to make depending on how much gathering you would like at the waist/hips. I (Rosie) have 38" or 96.5cm hips and although I could go with the Slim-mer Cut size, I prefer to wear the Regular Cut, and even the Extra-Roomy Cut because I love my clothing to be very loose-fitting and I wear my pants and skirts very low on my hips.

*All the cuts are loose-fitting within the parameters of the hip measurements listed directly below.

Slim-mer Cut up to 40" or 101.5cm hip measurement

Regular Cut up to 44" or 112cm hip measurement

Extra-Roomy Cut up to 51" or 129.5cm hip measurement


For Dear Lil' Devas Dream Pant Lovers :-) here is some detailed information comparing the Dream Pant Size to the Culotte Size:

  • If your hip size measures 40"/101.5cm or less 
    Slim-mer Cut still gathers at the waistband, but less than the Dream Pants. We consider these to be good for people who are either extremely slender, or who are dream pant lovers but have thought occasionally, "I wish there was a little bit less fabric at the top".
    Regular Cut is your equivalent of the Dream Pants in size.
    Extra-Roomy Cut you will have a lot of gathers when you do up the drawstring at the top and they will be super-flowing.
  • If your hip size measures between 40"/101.5cm and 44"/112cm 
    Regular Cut is your equivalent of the Dream Pants in size.
    Extra-Roomy Cut the way to know whether you might like the "Extra-Roomy" is if with your Dream Pants, the largest part of your thighs just fill out the width of the fabric, almost being too tight between the legs. (Or of course, if you just simply would like them to be Extra-Roomy).
  • If your hip size is between 44"/112cm and up to 51"/130cm
    Extra-Roomy Cut is for you. There will be gathers at the waistband, they are intended to fit you comfortably, not for you to fill them out.

Because the culottes cinch with a drawstring, you can adjust the culottes to stay up anywhere between your waist and the lowest part of your hips. I am 5'5.5" or 166cm tall. In the pictures I am wearing the culottes extremely low on my hips. To make them shorter, I could do them up higher towards my waist.

The Culottes measure 29.5" or 75cm in length. 

*for your reference if you're familiar with Dear Lil' Devas Dream Pants Lengths:
The wide-legged Culottes are 5.5"/14cm shorter than Length 1 in the Town or Dream Pants, 9"/23cm shorter than Length 2 in the Town or Dream Pants and 12.5"/32cm shorter than the Town or Dream Pants in Length 3.

Click To Choose Your Culottes Colour

Black Linen
Damp Concrete Linen
Dark Shimmering Olive Linen
Turquoise Linen
Pure White Linen
Beautiful Brown Linen
Steel Blue Linen
Deep Plum Linen
Dark Cranberry Linen
Tarnished Copper Linen
Burnt Orange Linen
Shanti Green Linen
Sage Linen
Antique Blue Linen
Dusty Rose Linen
Smoky Quartz Linen

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