Linen Dream Pants: Loose-Fitting Yoga Pants for Women



Rosie here, announcing... Dear Lil' Devas new "regular weight linen" has arrived!! We are so excited and are having such a nice time working with it. There are THREE new beautiful colours (gemstone names): Ruby Red, Deep Sapphire and Moonstone. This linen comes from a mill in Italy and in a certain light has that subtle shimmer that high quality pure linen often has. 

A new item, inspired by and made with this very "drape-worthy" fabric please see: Pure Linen Shrugs for Women!

Some history of DLD's Linen Dream Pants:

The linen dream pants were introduced in 2013 as a "Limited Edition" item. That summer I had been so lucky to find some beautiful surplus linen fabric. The Linen Dream Pants have turned into a regular item for Dear Lil' Devas because they have been so popular, and I have been regularly keeping my eyes open for surplus linen, but increasingly, without success finding it. That is why we are so excited to now have a regular supplier for our regular weight linen!

Important: some of the images shown to your left are of colours of pants that we have in stock, and some are of colours that we do not have in stock. If you are wondering, please click on the big picture and below the big pictures once they open in their own window, there will be information about the availability of the pants shown.

The three new colours are all the same in texture and weight:
Ruby Red, Deep Sapphire and Moonstone weigh 170gsm. This is approximately the same weight as the original surplus linen that we offered in 2013.
The Pure White and the Licorice are a little bit heavier (and crisper - will soften with laundering of course): 190gsm.
For your reference, the Thicker Linen Dream Pants range from 220 to 245gsm.

These pants are the same design and cut as the Original 100% Dream Pants, but with the wonderful added feature of pockets, and a cuff at the bottom of each available length: (Length 1, Length 2 and Length 3)!

  • THE FABRIC 100% Linen: machine wash cold, hang to dry (the linen dries soooo fast!)
  • THE DESIGN These pants were engineered specifically for the range of movement in yoga; the non-constricting, time-honoured style allows you to move freely through the most dynamic asanas.
  • THE TRADEMARK BOTTOM Allows the pants to stretch with you, without riding up or down. The Anatomy of the 100% Dream Pants
  • THE PREMIUM "Vijanthy" SEAMS Take three times longer to sew than regular industrial seams and are very strong. Finished on the outside of the pants to be chafe-free and smooth against your skin. (These seams are to Dear Lil' Devas a source of proprietary pride - our Production Manager, Vijanthy has spent many hours since 2004 sewing these special seams, and teaching the rest of us to sew them too!)
  • KNOT JUST ANY OLD DRAWSTRING Why? - because it does up securely, AND comes undone easily - even when wet after the most intense workout.
  • POCKETS! We love pockets - but, not all pockets are created equally. We are all too familiar with pockets that are either not deep enough, or the opening is too big, and things fall out them. We've made sure that is not the case with our pockets!
  • LARGE HEM (9cm/3.5") at the bottom of the pantlegs - a beautiful added feature, on each of the available lengths (here at DLD, we call this hem a "Cuff").
  • THE HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Made in a relaxed, benevolent, non-factory environment in Canada by Dear Lil' Devas ~ Yoga Clothing and Accessories Infused with Good Vibes!
Deep Sapphire
Ruby Red
Pure White no logo for Kundalini or Sivananda

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