Dear Lil' Devas News Mother's Day, 2016 April 24, 2016 09:04

Hello everyone Rosie here, Happy Spring!! 
Lately I've been getting teased by my teens for using the word dear (as well as luv/hon/sweetheart/sweetie, and even sometimes "dearie") too often. In this day and age when we almost text as much as we talk, how am I to impart quickly that all is good? I need a smiley face emoji that beams at people, showing goodwill, benevolence and love. They've perfected the lecherous one, the thumbs up, well, tonnes of them. Was funny - don't know if you've seen the one with the two hearts for eyes? I thought, wow! perfect. Turns out that the young people think that one means "lust". Really?? !!! So I revert to pet names - "yes you can stay out until 9 luv" - the luv is so that they know I don't mind if they they stay out until 9.
My mother called us dearie all the time, and i liked that, i still do! 
Our daughter is going to be 14 this summer. She is my yardstick for the longevity of Dear Lil' Devas, we started when she was just an infant and there have been some pics of her over the years on the website.
The latest photos of the new Thicker Bamboo Short Sleeved Tees for Women  are of she and I, taken in honour of Mother's Day. We found the t-shirts perfectly comfortable (the temperature was about 20 degrees Celsius / 68 degrees Fahrenheit) that glorious day on top of the bridge over the tracks here in Junction Triangle Neighbourhood of Toronto!!
For Mother's Day -  we've had requests from you for these thicker bamboo S/S tees and they turned out so beautifully when we made them by special order - Vijanthy says they look "rich" and I agree - they really do, the colours are wonderful! They are now a regular item here at Dear Lil' Devas.
xxxooo and a million beaming smiley faces to you!!! Rosie