Delightful Summer Reading (2018) August 17, 2018 10:01

It is Rosie here. When you receive your order this month (August), written on the box in the place that thanks the dear soul that contributed the empty cereal boxes to be put to another use, you'll undoubtedly see the name "Tracy" or "Kristen". Many people contribute these boxes to us, but as they are left often anonymously on my front porch, I don't always know who to thank for them. Usually I can guess, but sometimes I can't, so then I put the name of a person who is on my mind and want to send Good Vibes out to.

Kristen (our neighbour), and Tracy (her sister) have a new book coming out, and they've been writing a super interesting blog over the summer with bits of information and anecdotes that they came across while researching for their latest book.

Kristen and Tracy became very interested in finding out more about working-class London England from the late 1800's into the Great War times. Following a family and their close neighbours from life in London England, and their eventual migration to London Ontario. We don't know that much about working class people at that time as they were not considered to be important. It is incredible the stuff that Kristen and Tracy have dug up! I think you might like this blog too, every time a new "episode", or a suppose that should be called "post" (ha) comes into my email, I look so forward to reading it! And, I've had an advance copy of the book, it comes into stores in September and is wonderful - I cried at the end. That is quite an achievement for an historical account - not fictional, but based on information they were able to gather and piece together what life was like in that time and place!


And, here is another thing to read that is sure to make you cringe, but also certainly laugh out loud at least once!!

From our next door neighbour Deborah to her parents in 1978 or 1979 when she was 11 years old...