Haramaki The Fashion and Health Accessory December 11, 2014 00:00

Haramaki also known as Core Warmers, Belly Warmers, or Tummy Warmers, are simple tubular garments worn around the midsection and are considered both a fashion and a health accessory. Wikipedia calls Haramaki abdomen wraps, and that works too, as the the word Haramaki itself comes from two Japanese words, hara, meaning “abdomen” (the center of the soul), and maki, meaning “to wrap up”.

Fun Fact: Haramaki originally referred to a form of Samurai armor! Now, you may not be a Samurai, but the Haramaki you wear will be considered way more fashionable at Yoga class!

Why would I want to wear one?

Haramaki combines style with health benefits. While wearing a Haramaki tummy wrap, you are boosting blood circulation by increasing circulation in the internal organs, which in turn warms you up from the core outward to your extremities. Essentially, Haramaki are worn to stay warm, and staying warm comes with it’s own inherent health benefits.

Kidneys are the foundation of health according to traditional Eastern medicine. It seems that this “keeping your kidney’s warm” has been an ongoing theme that travels through many cultures: Our own grandmothers said “keep your kidney’s warm dear”, and really really didn’t want us to sit down on anything cold! One woman told us how her European grandmother would wrap a rabbit skin around her core, and swear that it was because of the extra warmth that she was never sick!

Here are some other general benefits of wearing a Haramaki:

  • Boosting circulation is good for those who sit behind desks all day.
  • Haramaki do wonders for a weak or achy stomach.
  • Haramaki can also help women with menstrual cramps.
  • Since Haramaki generally comfort and calm your body down, wearing them to sleep can do wonders for a good nights rest.
  • Haramaki do such a great job of warming your whole body, so you can wear less clothing in general – that means less layers needed in the winter!
  • They are really small, so as Spring approaches you can carry one with you and put it on if it gets cool.
  • During summer days, you can avoid the “cold kidneys” many people get from the strong cold draft of air-conditioners. The increased blood circulation makes them great for use on planes, trains and buses which tend to pump up the AC.
  • They look super fashionable at Yoga class ;)

Expecting mothers should also consider that the majority of pregnant women in Japan wear Haramaki as pregnancy tummy wrap. Wearing Haramaki as a baby tummy wrap not only provides light support for the growing belly and lower back, but they also keep the belly warm and protected. Bonus: You can use more of your pre-pregnancy clothing (like pants and tops) without exposing any skin.

How do I wear my Haramaki?

Some people prefer to step into their Haramaki. Others prefer to pull the haramaki over their head. Either will work perfectly well. Here is a video of own Rosie from Dear Lil’ Devas showing you how you can use DLD’s own Haramaki (yep, we sell the popular Bamboo Core Warmer / Haramaki) to hold a hot/cold pack. In the video she puts on the Haramaki so you can see how one goes on:

As for style, some like to wear their Haramaki invisibly by wearing it underneath other clothing. Others prefer to expose just a portion of the garment to add some colour to their outfit. Some like to wear their Haramaki over their clothing (especially for the added belly protection while doing Yoga!).

Is Haramaki just for women?

No, the Haramaki belly warmer is unisex by design, and we encourage that they be worn by both women and MEN!