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Women's Town Pants

Hi, Rosie here - if you're wondering Dreamies vs. Townies, the difference is in the backrise, shown below in the circular pictures :-)

Dear Lil' Devas Dream Pants : Loose-Fitting YOGA Pants (on your left below) are designed for a maximum range of movement. 


Dear Lil' Devas Town Pants : Loose-Fitting EVERYDAY Pants for Women (on your right above) are designed with a conventional backrise. They are made from Pure Linen and you can choose Culottes or Regular Pants.

 Hello everyone, Rosie here. TOWN Pants!! These were designed in response to many requests that we've had from you to please make the Linen Dream Pants without the special panel bottom, but instead, with...

 Culottes!! The wide-legged culotte style shows off the linen gloriously; there you will go, swoosh, swoosh, swooshing down the street. This is VERY FUN, let me tell you (Rosie here of course). I am in the...