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Light Weight Cotton Linen Antique Damask Tea Towels (Set of 4)



60% Cotton | 40% Linen Antique Damask

Typical tea-towel size.
An optimal blend of natural fibres: linen for absorbency and cotton for retention. 

  • Light Weight: a lot lighter than conventional tea-towels but even more absorbent
  • High Efficiency: they dry crazy-fast, you'll never need to put in the dryer (although you can).
  • Absorbency: "magnetic" water pickup.
  • Water Retention: the cotton component enables these towels to retain a lot of liquid and still be light in weight.
  • Hanging Loop: for the kitchen, the loop is big enough so that you can hang it on the knob of a cupboard.
  • Typical Tea Towel Size: measure 17" by 22" or 43cm by 56cm 
These tea towels double as beautiful placemats, and the Seriously Thirsty Handkerchiefs make nice napkins (they are made from the same cotton linen damask fabric).

Additional Antique Damask Linens

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