CURRENT UPDATE: Oh for a magic wand! Rosie here :-) Everything is moving along, but taking longer than it did before. At least for the time-being and foreseeable future, a window of 12 business days is needed to safely procure materials and make and send your lovely orders. Very grateful for the availability of beautiful materials, and to be in a position to continue stitching away.
To thank you for your patience, please enter the following coupon code when you checkout: COMFORT for 5% off your order!

Mid-March, 2020: Dear Lil' Devas has made some huge changes. Because of the very real necessity for physical distancing in keeping those that we love safe (that is people we know, AND people we don't know), we are now staying home. I (Rosie) was able to bring materials to my home studio and as of Wednesday, March 18th, I alone am continuing to make orders that come in. Thank you btw, in this uncertain time, as a very small business, your orders are received with IMMENSE GRATITUDE, whether to be sent when ready with contactless pick up and drop off (thanks to our heroic mail carriers!), whether you are our neighbour and able to pick up from Rosie's front porch, or whether to put on the shelf for you, ready, until we collectively emerge.

Gift Cards for Dear Lil' Devas



$25, $50, $100, and so on, up to $300.00

Please choose the denomination in the drop-down below.

Delivered to your email instantly after you checkout and that email contains the instructions for your recipient to redeem when they check out. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees. 

Below is an example of how a Dear Lil' Devas Gift Card for $25.00 looks when you receive it by email. (All the other values look the same - only they will be for a different amount).

Additional Information

Dear Lil' Devas Gift Cards do not expire.

You will receive a printable email with the gift card and the instructions instantly after you checkout. There is an alphanumerical code on the gift card that your recipient will use to redeem his or her gift from you.

You can either print out the card so that you can give it to your recipient in person, or you can forward the card to his or her email address.

They act just as cash towards your giftee's shopping cart, any unused balance will be carried over until his or her next purchase.

Your recipient can take advantage of any offers that are going on at and can use multiple gift cards (if they are so lucky to have them) when they check out. There is a space in the checkout for Discount Codes and for Gift Card Codes.

The amount on the card goes towards any applicable taxes and/or shipping charges.

Once you have purchased a card for a loved one, it will be automatically issued to YOUR email address. Please do not worry, we keep a record of all the gift cards that are purchased, so if you should not receive it, or if it should get lost, we will happily reissue you another. (

Below is an example of how a Dear Lil' Devas Gift Card for $25.00 looks when you receive it by email. (All the other values look the same - only they will be for a different amount).


The gift card will be instantly sent to your email address once you check out

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