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Enormous Cotton Linen Antique Damask Towel (Single Bed Sized)



60% Cotton | 40% Linen Antique Damask

Rosie here! This towel has been for me the single most life-enhancing item - because of menopausal night sweating! The antique damask is so very absorbent and quick to dry, making my nights much more manageable. Of course, there is rarely a time when a big towel is not of use, so I take it with me everywhere I go these days!

  • Light Weight: Almost half the weight of conventional terry-cloth.
  • High Efficiency: dries crazy-fast, you'll never need to put in the dryer (although you can).
  • Absorbency: "magnetic" water pickup (that's linen component).
  • Water Retention: the cotton component and the damask weave enables these towels to absorb liquid, and to just wick it away!
  • Enormous (Single Bed Sized) Towel Measures:  75" by 43" or 1.9m by 109cm
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