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Pack of 20 - SERIOUSLY THIRSTY HANDKERCHIEFS - Cotton Linen Antique Damask




60% Cotton | 40% Linen Antique Damask

  • Recommended Use: instead of paper tissues, napkins or towels
  • Absorbency: "magnetic" liquid pickup
  • Efficiency: one single hankie is as absorbent as a tissue or three :-)
  • Measure: 6"x 8" or 15cm x 20cm with rounded edges
  • Care: You can machine wash and dry, or hand wash and dry overnight
 New for the Holidays, 2021. Rosie here, these handkerchiefs make a lovely gift - it is especially nice to have so many of them on hand.

Tiny Environmental Footprint
Aside from easily replacing paper tissues, napkins, or paper towels, you'll never have to wash these on their own. They are compact, and in a mesh laundry bag, can just be added to whatever load of laundry you have going.

Additional Antique Damask Linens

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